Okay, so our first performance for June is June 2 in Knoxville. I’m behind on trying to make the costume. I’ve been really trying hard to get things situated together. I’ve failed miserably. Well I haven’t when you consider the last thing I sewed was a t-tunic–up one side an down another.

So here it is, 2:30 in the morning. I’m supposed to have the costume ready for a dress rehearsal tomorrow. I have the fabric cut out and pinned together. I’m really hoping that I have this correct. I’m about to sew the silly thing together… Who knows if I’ll have it correct? I have no idea. I’m tempted to just pin it and then let some of the other dancers (who have sewn these vests) look at what I have pinned before I sew it. That would probably save me a lot of time.

Any way… I’ve finished the shirt (although I think I’ll need to tighten the elastic in it). I have the skirt finished — just have to tie-off the elastic. No big deal (yeah for friends who are real seamstresses!).

I’m still kinda stymied by the belt. There are places with information on doing the belt, but I’m a little confused as tho how to get it to work out okay. Maybe I’m secretly hoping that if I have the silly thing pinned one of the other ladies can quickly stitch it–or at least offer advice. Sigh.

I had set aside Monday and most of Sunday to sew. I got side-tracked on Sunday by going out to the barn. I met the chiropractor and gave both of the girls baths. Monday was a recouperation day… I’ll write about that after a bit. Some stuff happened at the barn on Saturday. I’m still in shock.

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