One lady from my class met me at my house to practise the choreography for Saturday. My instructor also came over. We had a nice evening with some snacks and a good grilling on the dance. We must have gone through it seven or eight times.

I’ve taken a variety of dance classes: folk, ballet, jazz, a little tap, ballroom, and belly dance. I took ballet, jazz, and tap when I was little. I used to rent records of folk dance steps from the public library and learn them. I enjoyed the precision in ballet and the way that top dancers made it look effortless. Jazz was a little too provocative for me in middle school. I was a little too repressed to really dance jazz the way it should be. Tap gave me headaches. (You think the racket from someone learning a band instrument is bad? Listen to a beginner tap class some time where the kids are just a touch off.)

It is interesting to compare ballet with belly dance. The moves are intrinsically different. Ballet is very precise; almost cold compared to belly dance, which is more sensual. I’ve become more comfortable with myself over the past years, and it’s easier to do belly dance. The costumes are also good motivation to get in to shape.

I’m feeling much better after going over things. Here’s hoping things go well tomorrow!

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