Easing in seams sucks. Or rather, I suck at it. I had to ease in four seams tonight. Learned how to do it while doing it. You know there aren’t any good Web sites that explain how to ease in seams? I found some pictures. The people in my belly dance class tried to explain it. None of it made any sense to me. It is really hard to visualize.

If easing isn’t done correctly, you end up with kinda amateurish looking gathering or puckering. I have puckering in the seams where the seams were eased. The interior seams are worse than the outer ones. The last one I did had very little puckering. I took apart seams on the interior several times to try and correct the puckering. I’m glad that fabric is on the vest lining. This fabric shows needle and pin holes.

In case you’re wondering what I’m sewing, it’s a Turkish vest as part of the belly dance costume. The other ladies in the troupe said that it is a “pretty easy pattern.” I suppose it is, if you have more experience than I do. I found it challenging (and some what annoying).

And you know, I happen to think it’s a major miracle that I have a sewn vest at all. I really shouldn’t be up right now. I should be getting a good night’s sleep. Big day tomorrow. More sewing. So most of the vest is done… Just have to do the belt now. That should be a little easier. At least I hope so… Famous last words, right?

Sewing project

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