Since I moved to North Carolina 3.5 years ago, I have not taken belly dance classes on a regular basis. I have taken maybe four series of 6-week classes, but not like I did in Tennessee (two classes per week plus troupe practice on the weekend). I’ve missed the dance classes a lot — and especially performing with the ladies in my troupe.

Last week, World in Motion tweeted that their tribal belly dance 1 and 2 classes would be working on a choreography for a hafla (recital) at the end of August. The first choreography class was last night. It was tons of fun. I remembered how to do all of the steps, and discovered just how stiff my upper body is.

Tension from sitting at a computer desk? I haz it! I can barely do shoulder shimmies where I used to be able to do them easily and freely. All of the riding and walking I’ve been doing meant that my knees and legs felt good. I didn’t break a sweat during dance class. Much more fit. Just stiff between my shoulders. (One of the dance instructors said that my shoulder shimmy looked painful.) Crunchy. Time to go back to the chiropractor!

Okay, my knees felt good until I got home and walked up three flights of stairs to my apartment. My right knee started clicking. Little bit of ice pack and today it’s fine.

Practice, practice, practice.

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