Basette as a young cat

One of the scanned pictures of Basette; she was seven. This is the Little Black Wonder Cat(tm). See the sparkle in her eye? That sly calculating look? She was purring when I took this photo. She posed for a series of five pictures. Such a photogenic little critter.

I took some of the original pictures to the vet’s along with a poem I wrote (which will be posted later). They were so delighted. The staff took the printed poem and chose a picture. They are going to frame it and put it up along with the photo they chose. Dr. Kris asked me how many pictures she could have. She took two and seemed delighted to have pictures of Basette in her prime.

It felt so good to share some happiness about Basette with other people. It never ceases to amaze me how much she was loved. How much she *IS* loved.

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Kim (Ceffyl)

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