I’m heading back to Tennessee this weekend to work on the house. I’m bringing Ambush with me and leaving Stella at the apartment. She eats better when I’m around, but I’m worried that the stress of a 11+ hours in a car over three days would be too much stress on her. So she will be a the house by herself until Sunday. My sister is going to check on her, so theoretically Stella and Kiesha will be fine.

Maybe I shouldn’t worry. Stella eats better when I’m around but she will be much more comfortable here.

Ambush does okay on travel. He gets very stressed out unless I have a bed (or cot) setup that he can curl up on or hide underneath. The house is also going to be shown, so he will be hiding in the closet again. Poor kitten. I have to bring him because of his twice-daily insulin injections.

I worry about coming home on Sunday afternoon and finding Stella in a much-worsened condition. I’ve been able to get her to eat much more than she was. This will be the first time I’ll be away for more than a day in quite a long time.

I’m really excited about seeing Isis but worried about Stella. Can’t win for losing…

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