After several days of feeling spry, Basette went back to the vet’s today to have her glucose checked. It was above 500 again. Her insulin dose has been increased two units, and she’ll return after a week for a checkup.

Some days it seems to be touch-and-go with Basette. She has a good day, and then an evening when it seems like her energy is gone and she just looks bone tired. It’s days like that when I wonder if she will tell me when she has had enough and she wants to be released from this life. Will I have the strength to grant her that?

She has been through so much. I don’t want to say good bye to my companion of 14 years. How do you say good bye to a kitty who inspired affection by scraping her claws down the wall (fingernails down a chalkboard sound) to gain attention? Or a kitty who rides on your lap in the car, purring?

Truth is, I don’t want to ever face a decision like that with her. Heck, I don’t think anyone really does. However, it would be better to let her go then to have her suffer, especially if the diabetes progresses to the point where she isn’t recovering. I want her to be as comfortable as possible for the time she has left.

Of all of my kitties, Basette is my favorite. She’s no longer the vicious mouser. However, she is still the purr-box. She still tries to walk into the refrigerator when I make breakfast. She still purrs and mrows for her morning treats.

May she always purr. The day she doesn’t will be a real clue.

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