Stella is having trouble walking this morning/afternoon. It started just before lunch and lasted almost an hour. I called the vet just before they closed. They said to keep an eye on her and if something happens to take her to the emergency clinic. Otherwise to call them on Tuesday and let them know how she is.

She started off being wobbly on her back end and only taking 5-7 steps before laying down. After about 20 minutes, she was able to jump down from the bed, walk to my desk, climb on the desk, and jump back down. She’s definitely improved, it’s just been a slower improvement this time. Her gums look okay and she has been eating.

She doesn’t seem like she is distressed, more frustrated that her rear end isn’t cooperating. Poor kitty.

Update: Stella is worse. I’m taking her to the vet clinic. She is so weak she can barely stand up.

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