Kiesha noted when I woke up and walked over to me. Her hind quarters were wobbly and she almost fell to the side several times. At that point, I forgot about Stephanie and was focused on Squeaky. I watched her closely, and she repeated the same type of movement every time I asked her to move. She purred and was happy to be loved on. She licked her lips a lot, swallowed — almost like she was going to have a hairball.

When I went into the kitchen to fix her food, she wandered/wobbled in and was very vocal for wanting food. She drank up her medicine and licked the bowl clean. She had a good appetite. She licked at her wet food. She seemed to lick up the juice from the wet food but anytime she had a piece of the chicken she stopped for a second, seemed to have some trouble chewing, and then went back to licking after a few seconds. After maybe five minutes of licking at her food, she wobbled over to her hidey-hole in the cat tree. She wasn’t interested in food after that, even when I opened a different flavor.

I’m not sure if she is having trouble swallowing, something with her teeth, or what. Makes me wonder if she has heart burn.

Kiesha is at the vet’s this morning for observation. I’m not sure that they will be able to do anything. I didn’t want to leave Kiesha alone in the house like that.

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