Ever notice how big cats are chickens? My big white cat, Ambush, is about 15 pounds. He is two or three times the weight of my smaller cat, Stella. Saturday was his routine diabetes check up at the vet’s. He scurried off to hide as soon as he saw the cat carrier come in from the garage.

When Ambush is stressed he does two things: whines and sheds. He was very good about the drive to the vet’s in the carrier and remained quiet the entire time. Little to no panting. He doesn’t want to go in the carrier at first, and then he doesn’t want to come out. I had to tip the carrier almost upside down to get the poor guy out of it. He emerged in a cloud of shedding white hair.

While he was on the exam table he kept trying to hid his head in my arms. He was so good for the exam. He left his hair on everything and everyone. I feel sorry for having to bring him in, but he needs to have his glucose checked regularly. It was a good thing we did too — it was at 470! My vet said that she expected it to be high because he gets so stressed.

We’ve upped his insulin dose to 4 units from 3 units. The kitty will be back in about a month to check his progress.

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