For once, mostly having fun by riding and working the girls. My main concern has been that Isis has been in the middle of an insulin resistance episode. We have been careful about her diet, so the next item was to up her exercise. All of the girls are getting worked more. I’ve mostly focused on Isis and Kasane because they are both overweight.

Stella is also having trouble with her weight. She isn’t eating enough and might be having trouble with her teeth. She usually sits with me, so I have to bring her food to where ever we are sitting. Spoiled little girl.

Kiesha has also had thyroid problems. Her last test was within the upper range of normal (0.5 – 4). Much better than the original test result of 14. Kiesha is getting 1.5 pills of the thyroid meds every day and seems to be tolerating it much better.

Overall, the animals are all doing better. Fiction writing and attending a great (inspiring!) con, ReConstruction (NASFiC 10). Lots of sessions for writing, met quite a few writers, and had a great time.

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