Ambush is low on his insulin. He has approximately three doses of PZI left. I called the vet I visited in January and asked they said they didn’t have any more PZI. In fact, the manufacturer wasn’t producing it any more.

My friend Laura in Hillsborough has a lot of experience with cats and works closely with feral colony management and kitty rescue. She recommended a vet in Hillsborough who she has been using for years. Gotta go with people in the know. 🙂

Ambush’s new vet has recommended that he be transitioned to a different insulin called Vetsulin. Ambush has an appointment for Monday afternoon for a checkup and to pick up the new insulin.

I called my regular vet in Tennessee to let her know about PZI. She hadn’t heard about the manufacturer discontinuing it. She said that Vetsulin is a good treatment. She was glad I called so she can study how a possible shortage/unavailability of PZI might impact her own patients.

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