I visited with Basette for 1.5 hours today.

When I first got there, she purred, stood up in her cage, and walked over to me. Purring so loudly. So happy to see me. She seemed better at first. She cuddled under my chin, purred contentedly. After about 20 minutes, she became uncomfortable and squirmed to be put down. She walked around on the floor a few steps, stop, and wobble on her back legs. She took a few more steps. She didn’t turn her head when I called to her.

I picked her up again. She wasn’t comfortable being held: her tail flicked against me the entire time I held her. Setting her down on the floor, I curled up next to her, petting her lightly. She moved away from touch, which broke my heart. She was always a cuddle kitty. She had never moved away from contact like that.

After a while, the vet came in and talked to me about Basette’s status. My regular vet was off, so I met with another vet at the clinic. He’s been treating Basette when my regular vet is off. Basette had become hypersensitive to the insulin doses, and her glucose levels were dropping sharply and spiking because her eating (which helps regulate gluclose levels) was eradict. My heart sunk in my throat as he explained things.

I knew then that even if she did recover from this episode, the Basette I’ve loved for 14 years really wasn’t around any more. She seemed to have moments of lucidity while I sat with her. When she recognized my voice, she purred; when she didn’t she walked around a little, confused.

My poor kitten. She has been through so much. I don’t think I can put her through much more.

I’ve made an appointment to discuss options with my regular vet tomorrow morning. I’m not sure how things will go. Well, I do. In my heart, I know what needs to be done.

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