I called my vet in Tennessee for a second opinion on the way in to work this morning. She said it is possible that another vet could hear a murmur that she missed. She also suggested getting a second opinion: 80% of the cats she diagnoses with murmurs really don’t require much treatment because it isn’t affecting the cats. She usually suggests to the owners that they go to UT vet hospital to have an echo cardiogram (sp?) or sonogram to check into the heart murmur. (I need to ask the local vet here if she rated Ambush’s murmur.)

My TN vet said that if Ambush doesn’t appear to be having any problems from a heart murmur, then it probably isn’t severe enough to worry about. (She did recommend having it checked out, if a second opinion also finds a heart murmur.) She said to keep an eye out for Ambush being lethargic, breathing with his mouth open, or just acting odd. One thing to do is to check the capillary refill rate on his gums (should be two seconds).

So I’m definitely glad I called.

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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