BrieBrie has been coming around and is so friendly now. She hears my voice and comes out from under the bed and plays and talks. She’s adorable. She has discovered that the red laser fairy is her friend and she lurves it.

Phaedra is a lot more reserved. She doesn’t come out for me and she usually hisses at me a few times when I first come into sight. I’ve been working with the people from Cat Angels to try things that might help Phaedra. I’ve had her in the second bedroom upstairs. Currently BrieBrie in my bedroom and Phaedra in the second, separated by the bathroom. My “case worker” from Cat Angels suggested giving Phaedra a smaller space like the bathroom. Okay, so then how do I move her?

Phaedra solved that question herself because I found where she had been using one of her bed areas instead of the litter box. I cleaned up the area (arg, very frustrating) and scheduled an appointment to make sure she didn’t have a urinary tract infection. She was not happy with me taking her to the vet, but she turned out to be very good for them. The vet said that Phaedra’s urine was very concentrated and to try to encourage her to drink more.

When I brought her home, I moved her to the bathroom. She has a bowl of tap water, a fountain with filtered water, and a bowl with filtered water. I changed her litter from the pine pellets stuff to Cat Attract kitty litter (which has a guarantee that your cat will use the litter). She seems to be feeling better and has been a little more relaxed.

Imagine my surprise, when she started coming out and purring more for me.

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