Some good news, and some bad news.

Good news: Basette’s insulin dose is having some effects and appears to be helping her. She is feeling better and has been up and around more.

Bad news: She has lost more of her vision.

This morning I sat and watched her before going in to work. For 30 minutes, I sat and talked to her watching how she reacts to my voice. How she turns her head in my direction without looking at me. Every time I said her name, she mrowed in her half-purr, half-hoarse meow. She headed towards me, turned once too early and stopped just before walking into a cabinet. She continued out of the kitchen to where I sat, and sat in front of me, facing away from me, purring like an out-board motor.


I’ve situated things in the kitchen carefully so she can have everything where she needs it, and it won’t be rearranged any time soon. She seems to be adapting to using her other senses very quickly.

Every time I walk into the kitchen she purrs and mrows at me. She can’t see me clearly but she hears my voice and tells me to pet her. She is an amazing little kitty.

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