Remember the momma kitty and kittens behind my house in July? Well, the momma kitty has been adopted by my neighbor, Shelley. I had no idea until my other neighbor, Nancy, went door-to-door to find out who the black and white momma kitty belonged to. I had made an appointment with the free spay service (the Spay Shuttle) for momma kitty for September 13th. Nancy told me to contact Shelley.

Momma kitty — now named Shadow — loves Shelley. Shadow purrs around her, comes when called, and in general acts like a well behaved kitty. Yay! It will be so much easier to get Shadow to the clinic since Shelley can actually pick Shadow up.

So I’ve met two cool neighbors and Shadow has a new home. Three of the kittens are also hanging out at Shelley’s house. Unfortunately, the little black kitten I thought was so cute has disappeared.

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