Stella has developed a bad habit: if any piles of clothes are left on the bed or within her reach (like the laundry basket), she will pee on them. If the litter box is not clean or does not have enough litter in it, she will pee on my bed. (Mattress covers are worth their weight in gold!)

Two nights in a row, I forgot to buy new litter. The three litter boxes are cleaned once or twice per day. (If I let the boxes go more than 36 hours, Stella lets me know by marking where I sleep on the bed.) Even though the boxes were clean, there wasn’t much litter in them. Stella peed on my bed. I brought home new litter after work the next day and washed the bed clothes.

I know this is part of her growing older and getting persnickety. It’s really frustrating when she does things like this. This peeing is behavioral because I can correct it by making sure the litter boxes are always in pristine shape.

It’s just so hard with her. She is a very sweet kitty. I’m letting her get away with a lot of things she never would have when she was little. I know that she won’t get better from the kidney issues.

She is eating food that really isn’t good for her because the protein levels are too high — the opposite of what she should have. It’s all I can do to get her eat something. The wet food she loved last week, she won’t touch this week. Ideally she should be on a low protein wet food diet. I can’t find anything she will eat consistently. I’ve tried everything I can think of.

So she eats food that isn’t good for her and that might actually shorten her life span. It’s either this food or she won’t eat at all…

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