Stella was really good at the vet’s. She seems to have calmed down and knows we’re trying to help her. She’s been quiet in the car and good about getting into her padded carrier. She let Dr. Kipp draw blood without too much fuss for the blood test.

While we were waiting for the test results, a friend of mine arrived. She has an older kitty who gets subcutaneous fluids twice per week. She’s been a great help with suggestions and dealing with kitties with kidney issues.

The results were better than expected. The test looked for differences in the BUN (blood urea nitrogen) and creatinine levels. Stella was originally tested in December of last year and showed some abnormal creatinine levels and slightly elevated BUN. This time the BUN level was only marginally chagned but the creatinine levels had changed considerably.

My vet suggested that we start Stella on subcutaneous fluids. I was able to watch while my friend’s kitty had his fluids. Such a good kitty. He was so polite about everything. (He reminded me of Basette at the vets from almost 4.5 years ago.)

I learned about how to place a new needle on the contraption. (It uses 18 gage needle — yikes! Vastly different from the little insulin dosing syringes.) Stella was really good when we did everything. Granted, there were three of us in the room.

I don’t know how easy it will be when I am at home by myself. We’re going to start her off with once per week and then move it up to twice per week. Hopefully by that time I’ll be able to do the fluids at home.

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