Stella has been back on track with her fluids for the last three weeks. After the day when she lost four ounces, I went to the pet store and tried some kitten food. Higher fat, lower protein: seemed like a reasonable choice if Stella would eat it.

And eat it she did. Like it was going out of style. Two weeks ago, I was absolutely delighted with her because at her weigh-in before getting fluids she had gained back 2.5 ounces. Go kitten! I did the happy dance.

Until her last fluids. She had lost an ounce. Okay, that might not sound like much but that’s a lot for a kitty Stella’s size (4 pounds, 6 ounces).

She isn’t eating the dry food as much and she isn’t interested much in the wet food. She’ll pick up a kibble of the dry and then drop it. Next time I’m in the clinic, I’m going to ask the vet to check Stella’s teeth. If something is going on with her mouth, that would explain why she has been having trouble (as if her age wouldn’t be enough of a reason).

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