My youngest sister watched my kitties over the weekend. She was great: regular visits and pettings for the kitties. Stella didn’t eat her wet food at all. She also didn’t touch one of the places where I put out dry food in the kitchen. My sister was pretty worried about Stella.

Tonight I gave Stella some different wet food — and she has been eating it all night off an on. I also found out that she did eat all of the dry food I had put out in a second location by Kiesha’s crate. Stella will often eat there instead of coming into the kitchen. I had filled it up just in case — and she ate all of it. So she did get some food.

She still looked so thin this evening. Poor kitten.

Kiesha also didn’t eat. That was a surprise. Her dry food was untouched and she didn’t eat the wet food either. Very strange because Kiesha normally eats anything you give her. (Missing a meal or two won’t hurt the little butterball.)

I guess they eat better when I’m here.

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