Stella does not have a UTI: lab culture came back negative for anything. Dr Kipp thinks that Stella’s urninating is due to a progression of her kidney failure possibly also some senility. Stella has a follow-up visit tomorrow afternoon at 4:45 to check her blood work (luckily that test is only $25 instead of the $99 for the urine test). The blood work will also help us know if Stella needs to be started on regular subcutaneous fluids.

Pretty soon the question may be not what we can do, but how much do we do, and when do we put her down. Sigh.

For now, I’m going to keep what I’ve been doing: Stella stays up during the day and is let out when I get home. I am not using any sheets on the bed. Instead I have a bedroom I unroll right before I go to bed and roll up in the morning.

I went to the pet store last night. I found a new food (Fromm) for Stella that is 30% protein instead of 46%. She seems to be eating it. I’ve left a bowls of both foods (plus some new wet food) to see which one she will eat.

I don’t know how well Stella might handle being given subcutaneous fluids at home (if it comes to that). She really hasn’t seemed to be feeling well for the past few days. She’s been quiet and cuddly, but hasn’t played like she normally does. She did play after she had the other sub-cut fluids. Maybe they did help… I’ll have to mention that to the vet.

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