It’s colder weather and Stella is letting me know it. She does not tolerate anything colder than 65 well. She insists upon sleeping under the blankets. First, she sits next to my left ear and waits for me to life the blanket for her. If I don’t move, she puts her mouth about three inches from my ear and meows. She then picks at the blanket with her paw. I’ll usually lift the blanket at this point and she’ll poke her head under but not go under the blanket.

When she doesn’t go underneath, I curlup and try to go back to sleep. A few minutes later: pick pick pick on the covers. When the blanket isn’t raised for her to inspect, she pats my face with her paw and meows again into my ear.

I some times feel like Stella is related to Simon’s Cat:

The cooler temperatures are affecting her in another way too: she’s not as hungry. She lost 2 ounces this week. She weighed in at only 3 pounds 15 ounces. She hasn’t been eating her wet food as much and has been very picky with the dry food.

I’ve turned the heat on and brought out Stella’s heated bed. Instead of being obsessively on my lap this week, tonight she is curled up on the heated bed. Hopefully she’ll keep feeling better.

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