Stella is having trouble again. She has been doing so well for the past two months. She has decided that she prefers Ambush’s high protein food to her own lower protein dry food. She won’t eat her dry food now. I’m feeding her wet food but I have to constantly keep Ambush out of it.

Stella still uses the litter box. All of the boxes are cleaned at least once per day and maintain at least 1.5 inches of litter (usually twice that).

Stella has also started “leaking”: she has left small puddles of pee on my desk. This started about two weeks ago.

Every night she sleeps with me on the bed. I’ve made sure she has her own pillow. She peed on a pile of clothes on the floor the other night. Tonight she peed on the clean stack of sheets on the bed. I don’t know if this qualifies as behavioral or what.

She seems to be going downhill faster. She is having more trouble getting around, but not too bad. She still jumps up on the bed without any trouble. She isn’t as agile climbing up on the stack of boxes to get to my desk. She still wants to be petted and plays with me.

Sigh. I love my kitty but this gets really hard to deal with.

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