Last night, Stella did not look good. When we were going to bed, she tried to stand up to position her self next to me. Her rear end didn’t cooperate and she flopped over. She hadn’t eaten much that night and it was definitely showing. Poor kitten.

The vet said that ideally Stella should be on an all wet food diet. That might happen if I could find a wet food she would eat. Was it the wet food or because she had dry food out?

I did an experiment this morning. Stella had two choices of wet food: NF prescription diet for kidney disease and a half can of Merrick Turducken. I left good size portions in two differnet bowls and took up the dry food before going to work.

I got home tonight to discover the hadn’t touched the NF food at all. She had nibbled at the Turducken. When Stella likes a wet food, she eats all of it over the course of the day. (When the Felidae dry food was out, Stella would eat the Wellness canned food, but not always all of it.)

Stella usually stays with me when I’m on the computer or doing other things around the apartment. At my desk, she has this bad habit of insisting that she is in front of the monitor. I put a little of the Blue Buffalo dry food on a paper plate on my desk off to the side. Miss Stella ate three different times. Maybe 5-10 pieces of the food each time, but it was a start.

She felt much better tonight. She played, followed me around, insisted that I pet her no matter where I was. It was so nice to see that last night.

Kim (Ceffyl)

Writing rider.


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