Poor Shadow. Shelley dropped Shadow off on Tuesday so I could take her to the vet’s for her surgery. Shadow wasn’t very happy to be dragged around in a carrier and taken to the vet’s. Considering everything, she was quite well behaved though. She spent part of the morning in the carrier on my kitchen counter. Quiet, luckily– my other kitties didn’t notice her.

The entire procedure — initial shots, spaying, microchipping(!!), and tattoo showing she has been fixed — was free. I couldn’t believe it. (I was also relieved, too.)

Unfortunately, Shadow couldn’t have her surgery. When she was shaved, the vets discovered a rash. The surgery was postponed and Shadow was sent home with 10 days worth of antibiotics. The appointment has been rescheduled for this coming Tuesday.

The amazing thing? Shelley can actually give Shadow her medicine!

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