In the past two weeks, Stella’s weight has gone up, gone down, gone up, gone down. Today she was back up to 3 pounds 15 ounces. Stella has been getting her anti-phosphorus medicine and potassium supplement every twelve hours.

Every morning and evening around 8:00, Stella gets her medicine. She knows what time it is and moves away from away from me when she seems I’m carrying a towel. I pick her up carefully and set her on the floor then wrap the towel around her so she can’t scratch me. First the anti-phosphorus stuff and then the potassium supplement. I’m careful and gentle with her, but she still isn’t happy. (Can’t say I’d like to have stuff like that either.)

Since her dose doubled, I’ve been taking a lot more time to make sure she swallows (instead of dribbling the white fluid onto the towel). She gets each dose in 2-3 small squirts and gets away from me as soon as she can.

She’s not happy about it, but after a while, she eventually doesn’t mind being petted again. She purred at the vet’s today when we gave her fluids. Such a sweet little kitty and so patient with all of the stuff she is asked to put up with.

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