April 29, 2004

Retinas and diabetes

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I waited anxiously at work all day after dropping Basette off at the vet’s this morning. Her eyes hadn’t improved any from the night before. She still seemed to be able to see where I was. She came over and sniffed my feet, purring loudly. She even followed me into the office the night before.

However, she seemed confused. Patient, purring, and not sure what was going on. With her eyes like that, I assumed she had trouble focusing. The once-vicious now having trouble seeing her prey…

The vet called in the afternoon with not-so-good news: Basette has retinal damage, maybe detached retinas, maybe diabetic retinopathy (less likely). Either way, the condition was probably caused by high blood pressure related to her diabetes and reduces vision, sometimes causing blindness.

There is basically no viable treatment to help the Little Black Wonder Cat(tm). The best we can do right now it try and get her glucose levels under control.

We have to wait and see what happens with her vision. She’s already had trouble focusing, the question now is will it keep deteriorating, or will it stabilize?

The one good point? Her glucose in the evening was 290, so the insulin dose is at least having some effects.

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