Basette as a young cat

Today I read a post on an online bulletin board written by a woman whose dearest cat is dying from kidney failure. Reading her grief-striken words was like an echo of my own posts last spring desperately trying to find a solution or help for Basette. And knowing, ultimately, that there wasn’t one. That this was the last downhill ride for the Little Black Wonder Cat.

Everyone on the board was expressing their condolences, and part of me wanted to join then and another part wanted to tell them that the kitty isn’t dead yet! Let them enjoy their remaining time together. She has some time, how much isn’t know, but there is still some time.

This special kitty’s Mommy is doing everything she can and her heart is breaking over it. It is still bringing tears to my eyes remembering Basette sitting at my feet purring. The last time she came upstairs — even though she was blind. And the hard time in June when she purred one last time.

I still miss her immensely and some times catch glimpses of her around the house. A little black silhouette on the stairs. A sound of galloping paws upstairs when the other kitties are all with me. Little things that make me smile.

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