Initally, Stella seemed to be a little better this afternoon. I stayed home with her and she seemed to be walking and trotting around the apartment. Just a little wobbly but not much. I was getting ready to go to the barn to feed (horsesitting), and woke Stella up to move her into the bathroom. She was worse than she had been this morning. Her front legs trembled as if she was too weak to properly stand just before 4:00.

The emergency vets did a blood panel on her (results showed slightly elevated kidney numbers). From what I understood, the blood panel did not show that she was anemic or that she had an imbalance in her electrolytes. The vet thought that maybe Stella could have elevated blood pressure that might cause her weakness or that the combination of her arthritis and muscle atrophy in her rear limbs/hips made her wobbly. The vet gave Stella 60 cc of fluids and I took her home.

The vet suggested x-rays and blood pressure check. Unfortunately, it was too expensive to do there. I was already beyond the limit of what I can afford.

She is currently bathing herself on the little bed set up next to my desk. She just finished her first really good meal of the day. She’s been drinking well.

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