Natamon on DeviantArt did a painting of Ambush as a Mardi Gras cat:

Bejeweled Cat 5 by ~natamon on deviantART

I saw the picture and had to smile. Ambush was a silly kitty who had a plastic fetish and played fetch with rubber bands. He used to climb onto my dresser to pull all of the hair bands out so he could play with them. He had figured out how to hold one of the the hair band with a claw, pull the band with his teeth, and shoot it down the hallway. Self-entertaining kitty.

During the night, I would often hear his tongue rasping over plastic — the plastic book case leg, plastic bags, anything that made a satisfying crinkling noise. One time I came home, and he had pulled all of the plastic bags out of their container and was sitting contentedly in the middle of his new plastic-shrewn domain.

I still miss the little buddy.

Ambush feeding his plastic fetish.

Ambush, on the last day.

Ambush in TN just before the move to NC, 2007

Ambush in the laundry basket.

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