It’s been a little while since I posted about Stella and Kiesha. Stella has been on meds to control high phosphourous levels in her blood. It’s made a huge difference: Stella is eating! After months and years of trying to get her to eat while her wait continuously dropped, she’s on the upswing. She has been regularly gaining a little or maintaining. She is feeling so much better.

Kiesha has been responding well to her hyperthyroid meds. She drinks the pills every morning in tuna fish juice. She has a good appetite and her weight has stabilized. She went down to 9 pounds from 12 pounds. She is back up to 10.5, probably right where she needs to be.

Since Ambush passed away, both Stella and Kiesha have been so much less stressed. They don’t fight and they periodically play tag up and down the hallway. They are two very happy older kitties.

Stella is currently curled up on my lap with her head pressed against my left hand while I’m typing. She’s purring softly and content.

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