I picked up Ambush from the vet this evening. He stayed in the kennel while I was in Tennessee. Poor kitty doesn’t do well in new surroundings, and this was a new vet office. (The lady at the counter said that Ambush didn’t like her. He would not let her pet him. He’s like that at places where he isn’t comfortable.)

Before Ambush was brought out, I was asked if I knew he has a heart murmur. I don’t remember my vet in Tennessee saying anything about that. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t told about it, of course.

The new vet suggested that I have Ambush’s heart sonogrammed and his blood pressure done to see what is going on with him. The sonogram is over $300 (!!) and the blood pressure is an additional charge. Depending upon what the sonogram findings are, there are “relatively cheap” medicines that can help. Ambush already has shots every day. What’s a pill on top of the injection?

Peekaboo cat

I’m going to call my regular vet in Tennessee and see what she thinks about this. It was bad enough when the new vet office wanted me to give them my social security number just to have Ambush stay in the kennel. (Why the heck would they need that? The office manager said that they use the SS# to track people down who don’t pay. Apparently having my driver’s license number, address, phone number, and all isn’t enough.)

I want a second opinion before putting Ambush through another procedure — and paying that much money. I need to find out what the repercussions might be for Ambush’s health and what the impact on his comfort might be.

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