I got home last night and went to the bedroom to check on Stella. She was curled up where my pillow is. I lifted the end of her tail and let it fall back to the bed it. She didn’t wake up. Pushed on the mattress next to her and she didn’t wake up.

Mild panic ensued.

In the dim light, I could barely see her rib cage rising and falling with her breathing. She finally woke up when I sat on the bed next to her. Gave me quite a fright.

There’s nothing left of her, poor kitten. She is still affectionate but she doesn’t play and mostly she sleeps. She’s not interested in eating much, no matter what I put out. She sniffs it but then doesn’t take even a bite.

Amazing to think I’ve had her for so long. She is such an amazing little kitty. So affectionate even now when it’s hard for her to control which way her hips fall when she lays down. She still curls up with me every night. This morning she pushed her head into my hand for petting but then pulled away even from light contact.

I am supposed to go on a trip this weekend. Stella and Kiesha will be at the vet’s while I’m gone. Stella doesn’t eat much when I’m not home. Not sure how she will do, but it’s safer to have her at the vet’s so she and Kiesha can have their meds.

I’ve known that it’s getting close to her time. I’ve talked with my vets several times about her condition. She’s 21. At some point her organs will start shutting down. In the past 2-3 weeks she’s gone down hill a lot. Her coat condition has gone from soft to scurfy. She continues to lose weight no matter what I do. Instead of 1-2 ounces every now and then, it’s 4 ounces within two months on two separate occasions.

She will be the hardest one of the kitties to say goodbye to.

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