I haven’t been able to sleep well. I keep expecting to see Kiesha jump up on my bed. I keep seeing her shadow in the house. I started looking at some of the web sites for local no-kill cat rescues. I found called Cat Angels. They had two tortieshell kitties on their web site that were so cute: Phaedra and BrieBrie. Phaedra is a small, short-haired tortie. BrieBrie is a Maine Coone cross with a mischievous streak.

I made an appointment and met the kitties today (met all of the kitties in the rooms too). I was also interested in meeting Glynnis, a grey and white long haired kitty, but she was in seclusion after being sick earlier in the week.

Phaedra was a little kitty whose general build reminded me of Stella. She was shy and kept to herself. She wasn’t wanting to be petted much, but that was okay. There was something about her personality that tugged at me. Silly little thing. My kitty case worker said that Phaedra used to be a lot shyer and that their volunteers were working with Phaedra to help socialize her more. They said she had made a lot of progress.

Phaedra, hiding and not very social

Phaedra, hiding and not very social

BrieBrie and I got along fabulously. The kitty case worker also said that BrieBrie was shy and not to be surprised if she wasn’t very social. Except that BrieBrie was social with me. I offered her my hand and eventually she was letting me pet her and even started to play. My kitty case worker was excited — she was shocked that BrieBrie started to play with me.


And what a face! How could anyone resist that face?

BrieBrie on the chair at Cat Angels

BrieBrie on the chair at Cat Angels

I am going to take some time to think about this, but I could have some new kitties. I would be so happy to have the company, even if it takes time to introduce the kitties to each other in their new universe.

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