Basette went back to the vet’s this morning. She really isn’t herself today. She’s been walking into cabinets. Her water and food seemed almost untouched. Only one spot in the litter box this morning. She is still having trouble standing.

I was on my way in to work this morning and I called the vet. She said to bring Basette in for a neurological exam, so I turned around, drove home to pick up Basette, and took her to the clinic. Poor kitten sat on my lap, barely purring, mrowing periodically (something she never does). She really doesn’t feel good and she isn’t herself.

Basette’s exam showed some neurological problems with her back legs, and possibly a little on her front too. Her glucose levels were above 500. The plan now is to see if the fast-acting insulin has any effect and to try and rehydrate her. We’ll be consulting with the local teaching veterinary school and hoping for some suggestions.

Maybe she will get a little better during the day.

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