I have been very lucky for the past few months. While Isis has been having trouble this year, the kitties have been healthy this fall and winter. Stella has been doing very well, even though I have not been good about getting to the vet for her fluids. Ambush still seems to be doing well on his low insulin dose and steady diet. (He is using the litter a lot — I’m going through 18 pounds of litter in about 10 days).

Kiesha has been playing with Stella every night. Both of them canter through the house and play tag. Tonight Stella played with a piece of paper on the carpet: tossed it up in the air, caught it, skittered after it across the bamboo carpet. Yup, she’s 20 going on 3.

I have the kitty beds around the desk now: Ambush on the floor to my right, square bed on the boxes to my left, and the special heated (water proof in case Stella leaks) bed on the floor near the plug. Keisha is on the square bed and Stella is on the heated bed. Ambush’s paws are twitching right now. Cute.

I’m going to Mom’s for Christmas and bringing Ambush with me. He is usually good about the drive up and doesn’t get too stressed. I’m leaving Stella and Kiesha behind in the care of my sister. Stella gets stressed when I’m not here and doesn’t eat, so I can’t be gone too long. Poor kitten. She never does well, but it would be much harder on her traveling to Mom’s and dealing with being stuck in a room with Ambush and smelling dogs that she doesn’t know.

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