Kiesha (also known as the Squeakitty or Squeaky) is not doing very well. After the vet visit on July 8, the vet suggested feeding her only one type of food: EVO 95% beef wet food. Saturday evening, Kiesha ate the wet food like it was ambrosia. All of it scarfed without any pukage. Great, I thought. We’re set for the next few days.

Except, like many picky eaters, Kiesha got tired of the same flavor after two meals. She quit eating the EVO by Sunday afternoon. Even mixing the food with tuna fish juice didn’t help much. She was also tired of her dry food, Merrick’s Chicken dry food.

She is hungry and asking for food but then not eating what I put down for her. We’re going to have to try additional flavors or something. She did eat the tuna fish I put down and she’ll drink the Cat-Sip milk for cats when I put that out (she’s getting her meds in the Cat-Sip).

I have some additional dry food (Now Senior) that I’m going to try mixing in with the Merrick. She seems to be eating it pretty well, although she’s picking out the Now kibbles and leaving the Merrick. She likes it well enough — except she puked that first day I had the dry food out.

We’re going back to the vet this Saturday to see if I can change what she is getting for wet food.

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