She’s eating more today. It seems to help that I’m home. If I pet her then she actually started eating her dry kibbles. She completely went off of her regular dry food and instead has been eating Purina One. It’s surprising that she is keeping it down considering that it’s so different from her regular no preservatives, no fillers Now Senior food.

A friend at work said that he used to get his older kitty to eat by petting her. She wouldn’t eat unless she was being adored. Couldn’t hurt to that that to… I petted her at least once an hour with the food bowl in front of her and she ate kibbles almost every time. This afternoon vet prescribed an appetite stimulant for Kiesha, so she had that with her regular hyperthyroid medicine tonight along with the NutriCal, a calorie and vitamin supplement.

After three days of being off of her wet food, she ate half of a can of wet food tonight. First time she has done that (amazing since she had turned her nose up at tuna fish for two days).

Major improvements! She even drank a little water. I kept remembering how Stella walked and looked during her last days and was afraid that it’s getting close to Kiesha’s time. It still could be. She’ll have the best days I can give her.

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