Kiesha has had hyperthyroid problems for the past several years. She developed a lump on her thyroid under her chin a while back. The vet said most likely it was benign and not unheard of in a cat with hyperthyroid issues. She’s on a half tablet of methimazole twice per day. Her thyroid levels have tested about the same level for a few years.

On Monday morning, Kiesha sat on my chest purring. Her purr sounded like someone talking who was recovering from laryngitis. She purred for a few seconds and then got off of my chest. She made noises like she was going to cough up a hairball, and then stopped. I petted her again, thinking I’d comfort her, and she started purring loudly, that compressed hoarse purr. She again coughed and made hacking noises. I felt under her throat. The tumor on her thyroid was much larger than I remembered. It was larger than my thumb.

She has been eating and drinking okay but has looked like she’s lost weight. She’s been sleeping more and playing less. She doesn’t seem to be distressed or uncomfortable. She’s sitting on the couch next to me right now purring. Her purr is subdued. I pet her enough to have her purr, and then pause until the rumble subsides. And then pet her again. She’s been in my lap for most of the evening.

I’ve made an appointment on Friday afternoon with Kiesha to do a blood test for her thyroid levels and see what might be going on. I have a really bad feeling about this.

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