Stella, bless her heart, is not eating most of the food I leave out for her. She prefers dry food over wet food. With her kidney issues, wet food is much better for her. So far, I’ve tried cans and flavors from four or five differnet brands. Stella ate the Wellness wet food pertty well for three days. Until I found a dry food she would eat… and then she quite eating the wet food. The dry food had to go away because the protein was too high. Then she refused to eat either… So we’re back to the beginning. (I’m tempted to just get another bag of the dry food that she will eat just so she will eat *something*. The protein is about 10% higher than what she should have, though.)

I’ve about given up trying to find a dry food she and Ambush could have to munch on. The vet said that a wet food diet would be ideal. I picked up a few cans of the prescription kidney (Purina NF?) for Stella. Now we get to see if she will eat it.

Luckily, Ambush will eat anything Stella won’t. He won’t be getting her prescription food, but at least the other flavors of wet food she refused to eat won’t go to waste.

Kim (Ceffyl)

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