DSCF0683.JPGStella ate most of her wet food today AND even some of the dry food I gave her this morning. Happy dance! That’s most of a serving of Wellness and half of the dry food. HUGE improvement for her.

She spent most of the evening curled up on my desk in front of the monitor. Every time I try to put her down she insists upon getting back up, knocking things over… so I finally just cleared my desk so she can sleep on it.

Most evenings I put a little plate with dry food or wet food on my desk so she can have something to eat. Tonight she ate several times. Each time little bits but it’s something.

You know what the really cool thing was tonight? Stella played, and played hard. Her rear end didn’t tip over tonight like it did a few nights ago. Instead, she chased her tail and went after a cat toy with much enthusiasm.

Yay for good kitty days!

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