Stella is 21 this month. She is the oldest cat I’ve ever had. She has been very healthy and spry for the most part.

Since the move to the new apartment, she has been losing weight and not looking as good. She is looking more her age instead of being so kittenish. (She did play with her tail last week in the bathtub. First time she had done that in a while and the first time in the new place.)

She still seems to be losing weight and this week she has started sleeping away from me. She’s hiding in dark corners — same thing Ambush did when he started going down hill. (In fact, the vet said it can be a signal that something is really not right.)

I have been encouraging her to eat by following her around with food bowls. She walked up to me just a few seconds and I offered her the food bowl. She ate a few licks and then groomed herself. She did stay on my lap for a few minutes to be petted. Then she went back to laying down under my old desk on the other side of the room. She hasn’t been wanting to sit on my lap much either.

Kiesha has been rather annoyed with me because I’ve been feeding Stella and keeping Kiesha out of the food.

Stella just came up and meowed and asked for food. Gave her a little and then she walked off.

I am supposed to go to Mom’s this weekend but I’m a little worried about Stella. I’ll only be gone from Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon, so just over 24 hours. Stella has a vet appointment in about 30 minutes. I’ll update with what we find out.

Update: Stella’s blood work came back at a reasonable level. Her kidney numbers were only slightly higher than the tests from 8 months ago. She isn’t anemic, either. The urinalysis showed that she has a UTI. She was given a shot of antibioitcs and that should take care of her.

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