For the past few weeks, my white kitty, Ambush, has been having some difficulties. He has been sleeping more often, drinking two to three times the regular amount of water, and has been using the litter box frequently. He also started throwing up several times per week. Not hairball hacking like normal, but food. He also lost weight during that time.

I took him to the vet’s on Saturday. He was so scared when he crawled into the kitty carrier. He knew where we were going. When Ambush is scared, he sheds. He was leaving a trail of fur on everything. The vet was coated with white hair from carrying Ambush in to the clinic to take a little blood for a minor panel.

The vet said he was an angel. The big guy had lost 3 pounds (down to 14.5 pounds from 17.6). His blood work showed normal kidney and liver function. However, his glucose level was 580. The vet set Ambush’s file down and said, “Do I even have to say it?”

I had known even before that morning… everything Ambush had been going through reminded me so much of Basette and her fight with diabetes.

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