Stella hates the wet food from the vet (NF kidney prescription diet). Ambush (aka “the Vacuum”) won’t eat it. Stella still didn’t like the Merrick’s Turduken or Granny’s Pot Pie wet food, which both smell marvelous. Ambush and Kiesha were in love with these flavors. Stella couldn’t care less.

The good news? Stella likes one dry food I found: Blue Buffalo Spa Selects. It’s a Lite formula, which she doesn’t need, but the food is 28% protein and she eats it. I’m going to keep trying different wet foods, but at least there is something she is eating.

I’ve put Ambush back on Innova EVO and he seems quite happy with that. He doesn’t eat Stella’s dry food (miracles do happen!). Stella doesn’t appear to be eating the EVO either. Who would have thought they wouldn’t like each other’s food?

Kim (Ceffyl)

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princesspeah · December 27, 2008 at 22:42

help. we just got our newly diagnosed kitty home and the vet’s office said she ate at all four types of food. now we can’t get her to eat one. how do you feed the sick cat one food and keep the others out of it?

Ceffyl Aedui · December 28, 2008 at 05:06

Hi there.

Do you have a way to segregate the kitties to keep the sick kitty’s food some place where the other kitties can’t get it? Are you feeding wet food or dry food?

How many cats do you have and how many foods do you have to feed?

In my case, during the day, Stella is in a bathroom by herself so she can eat all day. She grazes: she takes a few licks of her food every once in a while. She will (some times) finish her wet food during the day. What she doesn’t finish, Ambush eats.

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