The Back Yard Kitties(tm) are gradually getting accustomed to me. Last night, I discovered that they are spending time at my back porch on the patio. This is right up against the house. (Luckily they don’t get into the trash or anything.)

Today was the first time they ever ventured out when I was nearby. After feeding them, I sat on the grass and waited. Near the food bowl, but not too close to it. All of the kitties ventured out after a few minutes, oblivious to me. Mamma kitty lets me get within about four feet of her. She comes when I call for dinner. This time I had all four kittens plus momma. It’s a good start.

After feeding the kitties, I went back into the house and watched from the sun room. They didn’t notice me immediately. Once the kittens did, they ran off and Momma came to investigate. The little black kitten (runt of the group) was oblivious to everything.
Kitties by house
They saw me

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