Some times miracles never cease to amaze! This might be overly optimistic, but Basette’s glucose was much lower today. She is actually responding to the insulin at long last. This morning when I took her into the vet’s, her glucose level was 444. This afternoon, her glucose was 290. Finally below 300! Party on, Garth!

Unfortunately, a second exam of her retinas confirms that they are detached, and one eye has had a little bleeding.

When I came to the clinic to pick “Basetters” up, several of the vet techs were quite excited about the Little Black Wonder Cat(tm)’s glucose levels. They all said their good-byes while Basette purred her content with the attention.

Basette’s eyes are also responding to light now. When she is in bright sunlight, her pupils respond to the light and shrink. Maybe this is good news for her retinas? Maybe they will heal?

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