September 14, 2010

Did I mention Stella is eating?

Stella is eating food again. None of the wet food I’ve been giving her, but she is eating new dry food. Her flavor of the week is Solid Gold Kats N Flocken cat food. The pet store manager I spoke to swore up and down that she would eat the food or else I could bring the unused part of the bag back for a refund.

Okay, so we’ll see what happens. I have to replace the cat food with fresh food every morning otherwise she won’t eat “stale” cat food.

Since Stella was started on the treatment for the high phosphorous levels, she does seem to have a better appetite. Problem is that she is still incredibly picky about what she will eat. I keep hoping that her weight will increase if I can just find something that she’ll eat.

Cute little kitten is sitting on my lap headbutting my hand to get me to pet her.

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