Basette, the little black wonder cat

This past Tuesday, Basette went back to the vet for UTI test. Urine was sent off, and preliminary tests were available yesterday. No bacteria has been found so far. Further cultures will be done this weekend, and final results will be in on Monday. Apparently, sometimes insulin resistance can be caused by an infection, like a UTI. My vet and I were hoping that Basette’s insulin resistance might be caused by an infection.

Basette is still on clavamox, an antibiotic, and glipizide, one pill of each twice per day. A little bit of tuna helps everything go down! Crush each pill up in a 1/4 t. of tuna, and she licks the bowl clean.

Her water consumption is still at normal levels. She sleeps alot. Her physical and mental demeanors haven’t changed. She still acts like she doesn’t feel that great.

After she’s finished with the clavamox in about a week, Basette will go back to the vet’s for another round of glucose tests/dosing. She may also be tested for Cushings at that time.

Through all of this, the little black wonder cat has been patient, caring, and purring. Maybe because she is so very good and patient that it makes it that much more difficult when the usual treatments don’t seem to have much effect.

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