Every other day with Basette has paled in comparison with today.

When I took her in to the vet’s this morning, I fully expected to face a horrible decision. She wasn’t comfortable, and I did not want her to suffer. It’s a sad considering saying good bye to an animal you love dearly. How do you prepare? How do you know when it’s time to let her go instead of trying just one more treatment option?

I was in tears when I dropped Basette off. The vet told me to breathe and calm down. She held Basette for a few minutes, cuddled her, noted that the Little Black Wonder Cat(tm) wasn’t full-throated purring, and that she had trouble standing. The vet smiled patiently, gave me a hug when I started crying again, and reassured that she would do everything she could for Basette.

My bestfriend called me after I left the vet’s office to make sure I was doing okay. She knew how upset I’d been the night before with Basette. She even offered to come out and sit with me all night if I needed someone here with me. (She is such an awesome friend. She knows I’d do the same for her if her kitty was sick, or if she just needed someone there, for whatever reason.)

Dr. Kris called in the early afternoon. Basette’s morning glucose was over 500, and by the afternoon it was was down to 420, so the fast-acting insulin had some effect. Basette was resting, but didn’t seem to have much change. She had been given some fluids.

More waiting… Ever try to focus on work when someone you love is in the hospital? This felt about the same.

Midafternoon and another call. Not much change. However, Basette was drinking and eating a little.

Finally, a few minutes before the clinic closed, I called Dr. Kris and asked for one last update. Basette not only responded well to the fast-acting insulin–her glucose levels had dropped to 128! Dr. Kris was guardedly optmistic. Basette will stay in her kitty condo at the clinic overnight, possibly most of tomorrow too.

Thank you to Basette’s friends and the ladies at work who prayed for Basette (and for me). Every little bit helps, and it sure made a minor miracle happen today.

Go, Little Black Wonder Cat(tm)! Keep on fightin’, kitten. I’m routing for you.

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